Repair School at Urbane Cyclist

Back by popular demand, Urbane brings you our comprehensive Repair School. Choose from three types of classes or schedule your own private class with one of our master mechanics.

For FW 18/19, we will be offering 3 separate group classes - Flat Repair ($20), Bicycle ABC's ($30), and the Basic Tune Up ($100). Any of the other classes offered last year (Drivetrain Overhaul, Bearing System Overhaul, Wheel Building, Suspension, and anything in between) are still available as private lessons.

WTFGNC* only classes for each course are also available and will be taught by like-minded folx!

NEW - GIFT CARDS: Flat Fix Gift Card  Bicycle ABC's Gift Card Tune Up Gift Card

Flat Tire Repair - $20 - 1 hour

Flat tires are a fact of life. You're more likely to bring your bike into a shop for a flat repair than for any other service. In this class we’ll teach you the basics of installing a new tire and tube as well as showing you the proper technique for patching a tube and installing tight tires. This class is approximately 1 hr and is limited to 10 students.

Bicycle ABCs - $30 or free with new bike purchase - 1.5 hours

The Bicycle ABCs Class is designed for people who want to know the basics of operating and maintaining their bike. We will go over the essentials of how to remove your wheels and how to install new tubes in case you get a flat on the road.

We'll also show you the proper technique for lubing your chain, adjusting your brakes as your pads wear, and adjusting your derailleurs on the fly so your shifting stays crisp and smooth. This class is approximately 1.5 hrs. and is limited to 5 students. 

Basic Tune Up - $100 - 4 hours

This is an introduction to bicycle mechanics in general and covers the maintenance procedures needed to tune up your bike. It is designed for beginners with no mechanical experience but also offers an in depth and comprehensive foundation for the intermediate mechanic.

You will learn proper mechanical techniques along with how to adjust brakes, gears, all major bearing systems, and wheel truing. This class is approximately 4 hrs. and is limited to 4 students.

Private Lessons - $75 per hour

Just like it sounds, this class is a private lesson for one to two people. We will cover whatever subject(s) you choose like bleeding hydraulic brakes, thread repair, facing and chasing, suspension service or you can choose any of our existing classes to be taught as a private lesson.

Private lessons are $75/hour for one person and $95/hour for two people. Length of classes depends on the subject you choose and the pace at which you learn. Scheduling is more flexible but dependent on shop space availability, however our mobile repair unit can bring the workshop to you (+$45 flat fee, minimum two hour class).