Urbane Bike Fits with Kevin Lehman

Choose from three different fits that will get you riding - or keep you going!

Select Fit - Saddles or Cleats - $75 - 30 min

Take the guess-work out of saddle choice and cleat positioning!

Selecting the right seat and getting new shoes fitted to your bike seem like small changes but make a huge difference! Our fitter will help select the right saddle for your personal fit, bike geometry and riding style or set up your cleats and new shoes for optimal performance and comfort.

Urbane stocks saddles from Fizik, Ergon, Brooks, Terry, Selle Royal and ISM along with pedal systems from Shimano and Crank Bros.

Base Fit - $150 - 1 hour

Get ready to ride!

Fit your new or current bike with us, as we help adjust your stem, bars and saddle in relation to your inseam and personal fit. This fit is tailored to your specific riding needs and style. Let us know how you like to have fun and we'll help get you there!

Detail Fit - $235 - 2 hours

In our Detail Fit, we get deeper into your connection to the bike. 

We address stack, reach, pedal stroke, seat height, fore/aft adjustments and angles that are determined for your current physiological range of motion. All contact points and individual  joint load angles are accessed for maximum comfort and cleared of RMI (repetitive movement injury) potential positioning. If clipless pedals are being used, setting cleat position for optimal ankle, knee and hip comfort and fluidity of motion is included.

A Word From Kevin:


From the first time I learned how to lace up my Dash running shoes, I used them for that purpose. To run. Then figure skates, hockey skates, soccer and baseball cleats showed me other aspects of sport. Speed, balance, timing and agility. Strength with suppleness. I paid attention to the the feedback my body and spirit were getting from the joy of movement. And through that sporting window an element of competition.

Then there was the bicycle. It was the longest connection to it all somehow - the backbone and springboard. I started doing long rides, 30 miles, when I was 9 or 10. These sporting endeavors allowed me to compete at a national level in cycling (road and MTB ) speed skating long track and in line marathon. Attention to the detail of repetitive actions and form have had to be the focus, not just raw ego or force of will. Learning from innumerable coaches and peers over the years. It's not through luck, but attention, that I have never had the misfortune of suffering injuries associated to repetitive motion or overuse such as tendonitis or joint inflammation. On different team projects over the years, there has been a natural process to mentor newer participants or even more seasoned veterans with observations on their individual approach to the task at hand, both physically, mentally and emotionally. At heart, it is my desire to see everyone excel and deliver the best result in all those areas.

Over my years in the bike industry I have expanded my horizons by teaching spinning classes along with training in martial arts, becoming accredited in Shiatsu (with a base in TCM traditional Chinese medicine), studies in yoga, meditation and nutrition and psychology. Helping people find their most comfortable, efficient position for their physiology and task on the bike is one of my strongest passions. Urbane is now the place where I can help achieve that.