Recumbent Rentals

Urbane Cyclist has been the GTA's go-to Recumbent store for over a decade. Use our knowledge and demo trikes for adventures, casual rides or just something new! All rentals come with a basic fit and adjustment, fenders, a flag and mirrors. To schedule or inquire, please email

Catrike Eola - $70/24h

Built with a purpose, the Eola features a lightweight space frame, 20-inch wheels and the latest drivetrain technology that creates a nimble and spirited ride. At the heart of the Eola is a SRAM 1 x 11 drivetrain that delivers a full range of gears and flawless performance. Like all Catrikes, it comes with industry-leading features: padded mesh seat, clipless pedals, rear fender, computer sensor mount, locking brake levers, along with a flag and flag holder for increased visibility. With Catrike’s knowledge and experience in manufacturing, the Eola not only has exceptional handling and riding characteristics, it has been engineered for manufacturing and assembly efficiency – assuring value and quality.

Hase Kettwiesel STEPS - $90/24h

E-trike for the discerning cyclistThe EVO STEPS is the luxury model of the KETTWIESEL series.  

The EVO STEPS is Hase's upgraded version for riders with even higher standards for comfort: The standard model features a Shimano Steps motor and the corresponding Di2 electronic shifting system. And its suspension is out of this world: independent wheel suspension, air shocks, and cornering-stability control like a car. A sporty ride doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. 

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26 Plus - $95/24h

No matter where you want to go, your Scorpion Plus will take you there. A trip into the countryside, a long distance journey or into town – with the most convincing SUV-trike you will attract attention everywhere. The genes of this trike combine convenience and safety with maximum riding pleasure. Our model is equipped with a 14speed internal Rohloff hub!

Hase Trigo - $80/24h

Recumbent plus delta trike = safety, stability, and agility all rolled into FUN. Like its KETTWIESEL cousin, the TRIGO has a low seat between its rear wheels for extreme stability, and a single wheel in front for outstanding agility. In short: the perfect recumbent trike for confident cornering. If you’re so inclined. With 24 gears, you can also enjoy speeding down the straightaway. Or downhill. Or uphill. Or anywhere the road takes you.