Electric Pedal Assist Bikes are Live at Urbane!

Electric Pedal Assist Bikes make the impossible - possible! Cargo, commuting, comfort and accessibility make these bikes a great addition to your bike family or a wicked replacement for your family car. Shimano Steps and Bosch Drive systems give a smooth and integrated feel to your ride, meshing fitness, performance, confidence and a whole lot of pep in your step!

All floor models are available for test rides. What's stopping you?!

Tern GSD Compact Cargo

The GSD is designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or 180 kg of cargo, but it’s only 180 cm long—the same length as a standard bike. With Tern’s best-in-class folding technology, it packs down small enough to fit in a VW Touran or an urban apartment. Plus, it adjusts to fit riders from 150 – 195 cm—so mom, dad and the kids can all share it.

Benno Boost E Compact Cargo

Take a ride on this Bosch equipped electric bike and you’ll understand why “too hilly”, “too far”, “I don’t want to get sweaty” and “I can’t carry enough” are no longer good reasons to leave your bike at home. This compact and extremely sturdy e-utility bike makes transportation fun and easy. It’s designed to carry heavy loads and has an interchangeable rack system that you can pick and choose from to fit your needs. The strong frame and big tires are the perfect pairing for the powerful Bosch motor. 

Marin San Anselmo DS-E Deore

The San Rafael and San Anselmo DS-E bikes are for riders looking to commute, explore mixed surfaces and terrain, travel the local rail system, and explore the world around them with ease. Dual Sport Electric bikes are a bridge between pavement and dirt, for the recreational and commute rider. Thanks to Shimano Steps e6000 intuitive pedaling assistant, you will hardly notice that you’re riding an e-bike! Zoom to your local café or glide through the countryside in style. 

Yuba Boda Boda Electric Compact Cargo

This electric cargo bike has both brains and brawn. The intelligent and powerful pedal assist system masterfully offers just the right amount of assist for a natural feel under your feet. The Electric Boda Boda is designed to haul anything life throws at you while keeping that light, nimble steering for a super smooth ride, every time. The Boda is equipped with e6000 Shimano Steps electric kit with 3 levels of assist and walk mode!