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Urbane Bike Fits with Samantha!

Choose from customized fits that will get you riding - or keep you going!

Select Fit - Saddles or Cleats - $75 - 30 min

Take the guess-work out of saddle choice and cleat positioning!

Selecting the right seat and getting new shoes fitted to your bike seem like small changes but make a huge difference! Our fitter will help select the right saddle for your personal fit, bike geometry and riding style or set up your cleats and new shoes for optimal performance and comfort.

Urbane stocks saddles from Fizik, Ergon, Brooks, Terry, Selle Royal and ISM along with pedal systems from Shimano and Crank Bros.

Base Fit - $150 - 1.5 hours

Get ready to ride!

Fit your new or current bike with us, as we help adjust your stem, bars and saddle in relation to your inseam and personal fit. This fit is tailored to your specific riding needs and style. Let us know how you like to have fun and we'll help get you there!

Detail Fit - $235 - 2 hours

In Detail Fit, we get deeper into your connection to the bike. We work on stack, reach, pedal reach, seat height, fore & aft adjustments and angles that are determined for your current physiological range of motion. All contact points & individual joint load angles are accessed for maximum comfort & cleared of RMI (repetitive movement injury) potential positioning.  Clipess pedals are recommend, as we set cleat position for optimal ankle, knee & hip comfort and fluidity of motion.

Custom Fit

Do you have an untraditional bike? We can fit recumbents, cargo bikes and everything in-between!

Custom fits pricing is based on time needed. Email for inquiries and scheduling.

A Word From Samantha:

Every body is different - so is every fit! 

My style of fitting offers multiple solutions for different bodies, bikes and styles of riding. I believe that bikes provide the framework for your style of riding that there is not one way to fit any model of bike. Let's push away from cookie-cutter fits and put your goals and needs before all. Tell me how YOU ride and I will customize a fit around your needs!

Personal History:

I became a passionate rider during my time at University of Toronto, exploring the Don MTB system, the waterfront and Humber trail systems on a really, really basic cruiser. While this may not have been the ideal bike for any of these trails, I felt free, fit, and fell in love with the joy of cycling. Since then, my passion for riding has lead to experience in Bike Touring, MTB, Road Cycling and year-round Commuting. I care about spreading body positivity and empowering all riders to try new things.