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Tune-Up Packages

Interested in servicing your bicycle? Easily book an appointment here:

Here is a general listing of our tune up packages. As for more elaborate or specific work, we do it! Check out our individual labour items or give us a call and speak to a professional. 

During our busy season (April – August) we are typically booked 2-4 weeks in advance for tune ups and other large services, so appointments are necessary for these services. With a booked appointment the turnaround is typically less than 24 hours, but may be longer for more complex services. Always call ahead if you need something done same-day but don’t have an appointment.

Not sure which tune up is right for your bike? No problem! Just book whatever you think you need and we will thoroughly assess the condition of your bike and make the best recommendation for you. 

For our warranty policy, please see this link

Safety Inspection- $45

Recommendations: For brand new bikes not assembled by a professional, bikes that may have had parts stolen off of them and you are worried other parts of bike may be unsafe / loose. Part installation labour extra service. 

Includes: Bolt torque check with a torque wrench, minor adjustments, tire inflation and chain lubrication.

Essential Tune Up - $90

Recommendations: For newer bikes not riding well anymore, or bikes that are well maintained but need some dialing in. 

Includes: Customized quote, safety Inspection service, brake and shifting adjustments, wheel truing, bearing adjustments, basic bike cleaning, lubrication of external parts, test ride.

Comprehensive Tune Up - $175

Recommendations: For a well used bike that has parts that are worn out and in need of replacement. Commonly we replace cables, pads and drivetrain components at this level of tune up. 

Essential Tune Up plus a drivetrain cleaning with parts kept on the bike. Includes cable replacement and brake pad replacement as needed.

Deluxe Tune Up - $265

Recommendations: For bikes that require lots of detailed cleaning, part replacement and adjustments. Common tune up for bikes ridden daily, all year round and haven't had parts replaced throughout the year.

Comprehensive Tune Up plus the drivetrain is fully disassembled and thoroughly cleaning in our parts washer, installed back with appropriates lubes / greases.