Mobile Repair

Urbane Cyclist is very excited to announce our very own bicycle pick up and delivery system! And, it’s 100% green!

We do this service on one of our very own Yuba cargo bike with a Bionx e-bike conversion kit and a sturdy, customized Surly Bill trailer attached to transport your ride. Check out the huge service area in the map below (we’re willing to negotiate exceptions outside of the area, too - just call or email us). 

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Urbane Bike Repair Service

Urbane Bike Repair Mobile Service

Need an on the spot repair? Small repairs like flats, new brake pads, a new chain for example can all be done away from the shop. Larger work will be done at our shop at 280 College Street. Please call us at 416-979-9733 or email to book the service.  

Our Service Area

Urbane Mobile Bike Repair Map

Email us at or book your service online!