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Mobile Repair

Urbane Cyclist is very excited to announce our very own bicycle pick up and delivery system! And, it’s 100% green!

 We do this service on one of our very own Yuba cargo bike with a Bionx e-bike conversion kit and a sturdy, customized Surly Bill trailer attached to transport your ride. Check out the huge service area in the map below (we’re willing to negotiate exceptions outside of the area, too - just email us!). Email us at, or to book a pick up, book it online!




Great news - to kick off the new service, our pick up and drop off fee of $45 is FREE for a limited time if you book and have us perform any of our tune ups (except safety checks). See our service website for our various tune-up packages (you can independently book a tune up there too, for an additional 10% off). So basically, right now you can book an $80 tune up and get $45 worth of pick up and delivery for free.


How It Works

  1. For the winter months, book an appointment for Monday with mobile pick up. Please have a look at our service zone below to make sure we can come to you! You’ll be asked for contact information and some basic information about your bicycle.

  2. Confirm your appointment online with the non-refundable fee payable through PayPal. The non-refundable fee will go towards the total cost of the tune-up (making the pickup/dropoff free) or to cover the cost of the pickup/dropoff if you decide you no longer want a tune up performed on your bicycle.

  3. The following Monday, our mobile technician will then dispatch to your location for the appointment time to transport your bike.

  4. We will then safely take your bike back to our store to assess the bike and email you one of our custom itemized repair quotes.

  5. Once you authorize any or all repairs, we will undertake repairs and deliver the bike back to you the following Friday.

  6. And, when we’re back to spring staffing, pick up and delivery will be available on most days of the week.

  7. Also, please let us know if our schedule doesn’t work with yours and we will find a way to accommodate. And unfortunately, we cannot pick up cargo bikes, or tandems - we apologize in advance for this limitation.

Email us at, or to book a pick up, book it online!

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