Work At Urbane Cyclist Worker Co-op


Currently the Urbane Cyclist Service Department is searching for several mechanics with various levels of experience. Full and part-time positions are available. We are a full service bike shop specializing in adventure/touring/commuter/recumbent but also with a focus on performance road, mountain, and bicycles with electric-assist. We are seeking mechanics who are constantly looking to push their knowledge forward as well as demonstrate professionalism, excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. Please include a letter outlining your relevant experience and why you want to work at Urbane with your resume to with “Hiring 2019” as the subject line. Hourly compensation based on experience - Urbane Cyclist pays competitive wages.

Mechanic Level 3 - Repair Mechanic  
Overview of Job:  This position requires a mechanic with multiple years’ experience or completion of Barnett’s, UBI, or Winterborne courses. It plays an integral role in setting and maintaining the Co-op’s high service standards. This position requires an ability to communicate, manage and meet customer’s expectations during repairs that require direct contact with the bike owner. Level III mechanics are expected to assist in the training of lower-level mechanics in non-technical aspects of Service Department function. Technical questions are to be re-directed towards Level IV or Mechanic Lead.

Accountability: This position is accountable to the Co-op and reports to the Service Lead, Service Writer when necessary and the Mechanic Lead. Regular liaison and supervision to establish personal and role related planning, review and goal setting is expected.

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Level I and Level II responsibilities as well as 
  • Bike builds up to $1800 retail value 
  • Performing basic tune-ups 
  • Chain sizing/installing 
  • Spoke install
  • Wrap handlebars (upon certification) 
  • Install components 
  • Attend regular training sessions to advance to Level 4 Mechanic
  • To perform repairs according to shop standards of quality 
  • To perform repairs within established time limits 
  • Stock tools, supplies and parts as required 
  • Maintain a clean work station throughout the day, empty bins and sweep floor at end of shift 
  • Update work orders in MerchantOS according to shop standards 
  • Maintain clear communication with Mechanic Lead, Service Writer, Service Lead and Customer as required by the job at hand 
  • Other duties as assigned

Generic responsibilities:

  •  Understands and upholds the Co-op values and principles 
  • Supports as required: positive customer relations, stocking, general shop maintenance 
  • Adheres to Co-op policies and procedures 
  • Liaises and communicates effectively with employees within a collaborative work ethic
  • Active participation in staff and department meetings
  • Conscientious and upholds workplace safety procedures

Job Qualifications:

  • High School and/or Postsecondary an Asset 
  • Strong bicycle and accessory product knowledge 
  • An ability to perform basic repairs, adjustments and installations according to Urbane’s service standards
  • Good verbal communication skills in English; literate 
  • Demonstrable teachability 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Strong customer service initiative 
  • Bicycle Mechanic certification at UBI, Winterbourne Bicycle Institute or Barnetts an asset; not required  
  • Understanding how component wear and design affects bicycle performance 
  • 2-3 years’ shop experience

Generic Qualifications:

  •  Timely, conscientious fulfillment of responsibilities 
  • Capacity to self-manage time, tasks and balance priorities 
  • Capacity to work well with others within a hectic work environment 
  • Mature judgment working within a team 
  • Computer skills, including e-mail, word processing, data entry

Rate of Pay:  $16.03

Mechanic Level 5 - Suspension, hydraulic brake, and internally geared hub specialist

Overview of Job:  This position requires a mechanic with a minimum of 5 years’ bicycle repair experience. This mechanic is responsible for the highest level repairs, and requires extensive knowledge of suspension, hydraulic braking systems, internally geared hubs, as well as wheel building. Additionally, experience with suspension linkage, recumbents, E-bike, and electronic shifting systems are required. Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills are necessary. The level 5 mechanic is someone who is always pushing the boundaries of their knowledge and abilities. Level 5 mechanics are expected to help formulate technical training for level 1-4 mechanics, in co-operation with the Lead Tech and Service Manager.

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Frame facing and chasing
  •  Frame alignment
  •  Pro Wheel builds
  •  Custom bike builds
  •  Suspension service
  •  Hydraulic brake rebuilds
  •  Electronic group installation
  •  Conduct training sessions
  •  To perform repairs according to shop standards of quality
  •  To perform repairs within established time limits
  •  Stock tools, supplies and parts as required, shop cleaning and organizing
  •  Update work orders according to shop standards
  •  Maintain clear communication with Head Mechanic, Service Manager, Parts and Sales Departments as needed throughout the day
  •  Attend regular training sessions to advance personal knowledge of current and emerging technologies
  •  Self-manage time and to pace work according to shop standards
  •  Other duties as assigned

Job Qualifications:

  •  4+ years professional bicycle repair or service experience
  •  Excellent bicycle and accessory product knowledge
  •  Excellent understanding of compatibility between frames, components, and accessories
  •  Experience servicing suspension, hydraulic brakes, and internally geared hubs
  •  Experience installing electronic drivetrains
  •  Good verbal and written communication skills in English
  •  Certification in bicycle repair by a recognized institute an asset, not required
  •  Understanding how component wear and design effects bicycle performance
  •  Strong leadership skills including ability to train/transfer knowledge to others
  •  Professionalism, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn
  •  Ability to accept and give constructive feedback
  •  Team working and interpersonal skills
  •  Positive attitude
  •  Organizational, mechanical and problem solving skills
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  •  Excellent Computer use skills required
  •  Certification in bicycle repair by a recognized institute an asset, not required
  •  Ability to lift up to 50lbs

Rate of Pay:  $19.03


Please apply with a cover letter to with "Urbane Service" or "Urbane Sales" as the subject line for the position you are interested in pursuing.