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Services for People With Disabilities

We offer a wide range of customized solutions to help people with disabilities get on a bike (or trike). Such as retrofitting bikes in order to allow one-handed operation, installation of electric-assist systems plus many other individualized solutions

We also carry the full line of Hase mobility products. Crank shorteners, crank pendulums, pedals with foot retention, pedals with calf support, lap & shoulder belts, walking stick holders, and more solutions to tailor a bike to respond to your needs.

Accessibility Options

Hase Pedal with Calf Support
$300.00 - $375.00

Aluminum pedal with stainless steel support sections. Padded calf support… [more]

Hase Crank Arm Shortener

The crank shortener reduces the pedal radius. The pedal radius is… [more]

Hase Pedal with Heel Strap
$39.00 - $60.00

Aluminum pedal with toe straps and an elastic cable to hold your foot… [more]

Hase Supplementary Brake Lever Adapter/Bar Extender

Provides space to mount either an additional brake lever or some other bar… [more]

Hase Pedal Pendulum
$209.00 - $249.00

The Pedal Pendulum assists those with severely limited range of motion.… [more]

Hase Lap Belt

Wide lap belt with attaching buckle. [more]

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